Tuesday 19 August 2008

Closed for new entries

No new entries now.

The judges have started awarding points; expect the results soon.


EvilTeach said...

A quick blurb to let us know how the judging is going would be appreciated.

Laurie Cheers said...


So far two judges have finished, one (me) has nearly finished, and my wife and one other judge haven't started yet.

My wife should be able to do hers this weekend; if the other judge doesn't get his act together I'm going to make do with 4 judges. :)

Either way, hopefully it'll all get finished this weekend, and I'll be able to make the results public on monday or tuesday.

EvilTeach said...

it's thursday.
how about another update?

Laurie Cheers said...

Sorry for the delay everyone - I've just been waiting for judges to finish. Turns out they're real people with jobs and prior commitments and stuff - who knew?

Anyway, due to various problems I've decided to have just 4 judges instead of 5. With this small change I should have final results ready by tonight, and we'll be cooking.

Full Infinity Flame said...

So, it's saturday. What's up?